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The Image Cella Man Pole Dancing
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The majority of our classes are pay per class, this means that you can come to classes when they suit you! These classes are split into levels, where you can progress at your own pace. 


Spins, Climbs & Seats

If you have never tried pole before you should book onto a beginner class. Beginner classes aim to introduce you to pole fitness through spins and transition moves. Through these you will gain the strength you need to move up to intermediate moves. There is no set time limit, and you work at all pole moves at your own pace.


Basic inverting to arms only prep

When you have mastered the spins, gained strength, and have become accustomed to pole we will introduce you to more intermediate moves. 


Inverting, arms only

Advanced classes work on harder tricks and flow movements.


In this class you would be working on advanced and elite level tricks and combos. Using more advanced techniques such as: leg switches, grip changes, flips and pops. 


A specialist cross training program to enhance your pole dancing. This class incorporates the benefits of Pilates into a continuous pole workout for whole-body results.

You will leave class feeling energised, longer and more aware of your body and posture. 

Liquid Motion®

Liquid Motion® is an all level class that utilizes elements of fitness, conditioning exercises, sensual movement, and dance theory to provide a total mind and body movement experience. Students learn the fundamentals of Liquid Motion® to build a foundation for floor work & wall work.

Feel Good Friday

Let go of the week, find your sexy and have some fun with FGF. This all-level floor work class features a monthly routine to build on each week. 

In this class we will play around with sliding and slinking across the floor, fan kicks, heel clacks, hip circles and all that grounded movement. This hour is all about having a good time, everyone welcome!


Aerial Hoop


Beginners hoop at Spin City is suitable for complete beginners. You will start by learning basic moves to improve strength.


You will focus on building strength, stamina and linking moves seamlessly. 

A combination of static and dynamic moves will be taught, alongside short routines.

Woman aerial hoop
Burleseque Dancers

Dance & Burlesque

At Spin City Bristol dance and burlesque are taught on a Tuesday Evening by the one and only Georgie Johnson. 



If you love to dance this is the class that can't be missed. A fun and energetic way to keep fit in a relaxed and fun environment. 


This fabulous class will have you strutting like a diva and pouting like a pin-up. Learning walks poses and "the art of tease".



Pilates will give your whole body a workout helping with coordination, alignment, breathing and strength. There will always be a heavy focus on strengthening the core. This class is suitable for all levels offering a variety of options within the flow. 

Please note, this is not a Pilates rehab class. 



Bodybalance is a LesMills programme and is a yoga, T'ai chi and pilates-inspired workout, leaving you long, strong, calm and centred.


Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance. The classes are 50 minutes and can burn up to 340 calories all while improving flexibility, and toning your body.

Suitable for all abilities.

We also offer private classes & parties, please contact us for more information

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