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"I came to pole classes while working in Bristol for 12 weeks and couldn't have been made feel more welcome by the spin city girls and made new "non work" friends. Pole is a friendly and supportive hobby and the atmosphere and team spirit at spin city made it so easy for me to feel comfortable being there on my own. Have recommended to my Bristol pals." 

- Gillian Murray -




"I've never really been one for female friends, and coming to spin city I have made so many. Every class I have been to is great, whether I'm struggling or excelling, whoever is teaching will always make sure I progress every lesson. Having been taught by Kassia, Cath, Claire and Laura, I can safely say that spin city instructors are amazing. I have never felt unsafe, and always have fun. I would never go anywhere else, and always want to represent spin city everywhere i go, because I am so proud to be a Spinderella" -

- Bryony Thiele -




"I love being part of the burlesque troupe at Spincity, everyone I mention it too thinks it's such a fun thing to do. Great to be able to perform on stage once in a while as well. Very welcoming with lovely teachers, and most importantly - a LOT of fun!" 

- Amy Gaulton -   




"From Metafit to Pole, I've never found more enjoyable and effective classes than at Spin City. The instructors and pupils alike are friendly and welcoming and I've made some friends for life here!"

- Daisy Clark - 




"I don't want to be cliche, but pole and hoop have literally changed my life. When I started, I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin and doubted my body's ability to do anything remotely as tough as pole or circus. But, a couple of years on, I feel like a super-strong ninja warrior (even though I'm not quite there yet!), and can safely say it's the most fun and addictive sport I've ever done. Spin City has always been so well run, with the most amazing, supportive, and safety conscious teachers...Laura, Claire, Cath, Kassia, and Alex on hoop are just phenomenal. Plus, the student showcases are such an amazing opportunity to perform and really get to know the other lovely students. I spend far too much of my money on classes and shows, but it's the best investment, because being a Spinderella just makes me so happy."

- Stefanie Watkins -




Pole and hoop have given me strength, confidence, and real appreciation for what my body can achieve, which is way beyond what I ever expected. It opened up a new world for me. If only I had discovered it years ago! Plus, the tuition at Spin City is second to none. No form of exercise or training that I have ever engaged in has given me such fantastic all over muscle tone, and I just love the way that we are all cheerleaders for each other in class - if only one person nails the new move, the rest of us are so chuffed for them and inspired to keep trying until we get it too! We love you, Spin City.

- Jessica Elliott -




 Spin city to me is a 'home from home' one massive family with inspirational, dynamic, unique and funny characters that you'll end up calling friends. No matter what classes you take you'll end up addicted and wanting more. Spin city always keep to their core values of integrity, trust, value for money and acceptance! That's why 6 years on I'm still here poling ,hooping and stretching enjoying every challenge. 

- Charlotte Sawyer -


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